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Top 5 Best Room Heater India 2023 – Orpat | Usha | Bajaj

Best Room Heater India 2023 – Orpat Room Heater | Usha Room Heater | Bajaj Room Heater.

Winter is knocking on the door, and so everyone is now searching for the best room heater to get some comfort in the chilling cold. So to help you out we have created a list of Top 5 Best Room Heater in India 2023. All the room heaters on our list are affordable as well as long-lasting. But before you can choose a room heater you must have some knowledge about the types of room heater and what are the properties which could be a deciding factor. So let’s start the article and wish you a happy and comfortable winter.

 Best Room Heater India

About Room Heaters

Room heaters are also known as Space Heaters as it creates a warm atmosphere inside a room. It provides comfort during chilly winters, no shivering when you have a room heater. Winter in India is not so extreme and do not last more than 2 months, so there is not much option in the market if you are searching for a room heater. But there are many types of room heater available in different variants and promise to offer the best performance at a budget-friendly price. So for detailed information on room heaters, we have created a Small Room Heater Buying Guide for you.

Top 5 Best Room Heater India 2023

So in this Top 5 Best Room Heater in India list, we will discuss mainly a total of three brands of room heaters, which are considered to be the best in the Indian market. Orpat Room Heater, Usha Room Heater and Bajaj Room Heater.

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

Best Room Heater India

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  • Meant for Spot Heating, Room Size: Up to 250 sq ft
  • Ideal for a small/medium room only, i.e., up to 250 sq. ft. when operated at 2000 watt heat setting. Makes some noise due to the fan.
  • Plug type: 15A, do not plug in the standard 5 or 6A socket, you may require a 3 pin plug or extension cord to act as a 5-15A converter but can not be used for a long time with an extension cord
  • Body Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Thermal cut-off for added safety, Two heat settings-1000 watts, and 2000 watts
  • Operative voltage of 220-240 volts.
  • Non-sagging, stitching type, and long-life heating element, Safety cut-off, Overheat Protection
  • Package content: 1 Room Heater, User guide
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Customer Care Number: 02822-391391

Product Description – Orpat Room Heater

Winter can get quite harsh sometimes. To make sure you are always ready to take the drop in temperature, Orpat offers you this element heater that ensures the heat spreads wide so you do not need to stay close to the heater. It offers two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W. You can easily turn the temperature up and down with a simple twist of the knob.

This Orpat room heater has the capacity to be on for a considerable time while heating an area at its highest temperature. But it is suggested that the temperature of the heater be turned down in time.

Best Room Heater India

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater is a very safe product. It has both safeties as well as a thermal cutout that ensures that the machine stays safe for use, for extended periods of time, despite having to work at high temperatures. The fan or blower system also protects the filaments from overheating as it circulates the heat pretty quickly.

The Orpat room heater is made to have a cool-to-touch exterior to ensure it is safe to be touched or moved even while it is switched on. But I will recommend to switch it off before moving it.

The Orpat room heater comes with a one-year warranty and is available in the color variant white only.

Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater (Steel)

Best Room Heater India

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  • Personalized Comfort: Customize your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat.
  • Radiant Warmth: Ideal for use in small rooms, this 1000 Watts heater provides instant heating during winters
  • Body Material: CRCA
  • Peace of Mind: Featuring cotton braided cord for safety and Nickel-Chromium Plated mesh grid for effective heating, Neat & Clean Operation
  • Reliable & Safe: Our room heaters are dependable and they
  • Cord Length:1.5 meters
  • Cord Type: Cotton Braided
  • Rated Voltage: 230 V
  • Cord Plug Material: Molded PP filled
  • Coating Type: Powder
  • Come with a 2 Year warranty

Product Description – Bajaj Room Heater

During winters, biting the chill can be a challenge and Bajaj Room Heaters help you keep the chill at bay with a wide variety of room heaters that range from Oil-Filled Radiators (OFR) and Fan/Blower to PTC and Radiant Heaters. Bajaj Room Heaters are ISI approved and have a host of safety measures in place to help prevent any potential mishaps. These incredibly safe heaters come with a 2-year warranty and wattage of up to 2500 W.

Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection (Ivory)

Best Room Heater India 

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  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz/1 Phase
  • Room Size: Up to 150 sq ft; Ideal for a small room only
  • Safety tip-over switch cuts off the heater in case it tilts or falls
  • Powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • The heating element used is a quartz tube
  • There are two heating positions 400 and 800 watts to suit your comfort
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Customer Care Number: 18001033111

Product Description – Usha Room Heater

The Usha room heater can effectively heat any given surroundings at adjustable temperatures. This device greatly helps to keep you warm during winters.

Usha room heater works on 230 volts and to prevent overheating it comes with a switch that automatically shuts it off, before getting overheated. This switch also cuts off the heater in case it falls or tips over. Usha QH 3002 Quartz room heater is finished with a powder coating, which prevents it from corroding. Also, the heater can be positioned in two different ways, depending on your comfort and requirement. It even has hooks at the back, that have been specifically provided to mount the power cord of the heater for easy storage.

Bajaj Majesty RH 9F Plus 2000 Watts 9 Fins Oil Filled Room Heater (ISI Approved)

Best Room Heater India 

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  • International design and styling
  • 3 heat settings, Coating Type: Powder
  • Tilt protection
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 2400 watts
  • Includes: Oil heater, Pair of wheels, U clips, and Warranty card
  • Noiseless operation

Product Description – Bajaj Room Heater

The tubular heating element used in the Bajaj Majesty RH 9F Plus gives complete warmth to the room. With 400 watts of PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic fan, the heater offers better heating efficiency.

Considering safety features it has a manual thermal cutout & auto thermal shutoff to safeguard against overheating, it also features a safety tilt switch to avoid improper installation.

To fulfill your comfort this Bajaj room heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings.

 Best Room Heater India

Along with impressive design and styling, the body is made from CRCA(cold rolled close annealed) material, providing toughness to the heater and guarding it against oxidation. The PVC plug material and quality castor wheels also add to the durability.

With 9 fins, an oil-filled radiator the heater has a smooth and noiseless operation.

The sturdy castor wheels provide the Bajaj room heater with easy mobility while being durable. With the attached wheels, you can easily shift it from one room to another as per your requirement.

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Grey)

Best Room Heater India

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  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Safety Mesh Grill
  • Room Size supported: Up to 250 sq ft
  • 100% Pure Copper Wire Motor for longer life
  • Ideal for a small/medium-sized room only. Makes some noise due to the fan
  • Non-sagging, stitching type, and long life heating element
  • Safety cut-off, Auto-revolving Heater, Overheat Protection, Touch Sensor
  • The thermal cut-off for added safety
  • Two heat settings-1000 watts and 2000 watts

Product Description – Orpat Room Heater

With summer making a graceful exit, it is time for winter to move in. If you are from a place where the winters are chilling, then what you need is a good room heater. There is no better choice than this fan heater by Orpat. An attractive feature is the minimal amount of time taken by the heater to warm your room. It also consumes less power, allowing you to save on and lower your electricity bill. It is also safe and overheating proof.

Best Room Heater India

This Orpat room heater has two heat settings 1000 watts and 2000 watts. The amount of heat generated by this device is suitable for small/medium rooms.

This room heater can be used as a fan along with being used as a heater. The fan option can be switched on without the heating function and it will function as a regular table fan.

Room Heater Buying Guide

Types of Room Heaters

There are 3 types of room heaters available in the market and each has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Oil-Filled Room Heaters

As the name refers, these room heaters use the oil as a heating element to warm up the room. These are the best room heaters which warm up a large room with zero noise but are expensive.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Highly efficient room heaters
  • Ideal for large rooms


  • Takes a long time to heat up
  • Expensive

Fan or Blower Room Heaters

These room heaters are my favorite ones. These are actually 2in1 heaters and an ideal choice if you want something in the budget. Blower Room Heaters come with an inbuilt fan that circulates warm air in the room. This kind of heater has 2 advantages – First, the heating element or the filament will not burn as the heat will circulate using the fan, so there will be no overheating issue. Secondly you can even use it in the summers to get cold air as a table fan.


  • No overheating issue
  • Can be used as a table fan
  • Budget-friendly heating device
  • Offers quick heating


  • Consumes extra power
  • Creates noise

Infrared Room Heaters

These room heaters are also known as radiant heaters or quartz room heaters. It radiates the heat and produces warmness around you. It works on quartz tube or ribbon filament technology which starts heating up rapidly, as soon as you switch on the device. These devices offer quick heating, but these are ideal for small rooms only.


  • Quick and instant heating
  • Works very smoothly and silently


  • Should be used with caution as it can cause skin burn if someone is to close to it
  • Not best for big rooms
  • Filament could burn due to overheating

Some Advanced Features in a Room Heater You Must Consider

Auto Power Cut

The latest models come with an auto power cut feature that makes the device switch off automatically when the temperature reaches a certain point. This feature protects the heater from overheating.

Switch off Timer

With this feature, you can turn off the device automatically at the predetermined time you have set.

Multiple Temperature Settings

This is a pretty useful feature as with different temperature settings options you can adjust the heat according to your comfort.

Room Heater With Remote Control

With some advanced model, you can control them with a remote controller from a distance just like an AC.


Fan or blower heaters and radiant heaters come with a compact, lightweight design that makes them easy to shift from one place to another. While the oil-filled room heaters consume more space but comes with the castor wheels to move freely in any direction from one room to another.

Noise levels

If you want a quiet atmosphere, then radiant and oil-filled room heaters are ideal for you. While the blower heaters or fan heaters produce a little bit of noise due to its fan.


In the mathematical rule, remember that a room heater utilizes 10W for heating approximately 1 square foot of space. So, for example, you can say for heating up 100 sq. ft, a room heater uses 1000 Watts. If you want to calculate your requirements, below is the formula.

Formula to Calculate Required Wattage According to Your Square Foot Area

Total Wattage/10 = Total Square Foot Area (or)

Total Square Foot Area X 10 = Total Wattage


This is full information about the best room heater in India for your home and office in winter. I am pretty sure after this room heater buying guide and ‘Top 5 Best Room Heater In India’ listing it will make your job easy to choose the right one according to your need. All the listed room heaters are from the top 3 well-known brands, so quality and services are assured. Which heater did you like the most? Please comment below.

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