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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse under Rs 1000 in India 2023

For a couple of years, a new revolution has begun in the Indian gaming community. Once gaming was considered as a way to pass time for fun. But now it is becoming more than that. People are building careers with gaming, as a streamer or as a professional e-sport player. Whatever the case, everyone is taking their gaming seriously and requires better equipment to improve their game-play. So today we are going to review the Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse under Rs 1000 in the Indian market which you can easily afford and can improve your gaming experience.

Best Gaming Mouse

Why We Need a Gaming Mouse?

We all love to play games on our PC, maybe a PC game or an emulator game like PUBG, COD. But except for a good processor and graphics card, the speed and reflexes of the mouse is also an important factor to get a great gaming experience. A low DPI(Dots per inch) of your mouse can slow down your movement.

A basic mouse cannot give good performance while playing heavy responsive games and has no extra function buttons which you can assign to a different task in order to take advantage. The gaming mouse comes with a faster response time, higher sensitivity, and has customizable buttons that can improve your gaming to the next level.

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 INR (Wired Edition)

1. Cosmic Byte Hydra

Cosmic Byte is a well-known mouse and keyboard brand. You may notice it in many offices as it provides good quality at the best price. The Hydra wired mouse is yet another budget gaming mouse from Cosmic Byte. If you are into PC gaming, I am sure you have heard about this mouse. The Cosmic byte hydra is a simple yet powerful gaming mouse that comes with up to 6400 DPI and 4 programmable buttons.

Best Gaming Mouse

Specification’s of Cosmic byte hydra Gaming Mouse

DPIUp to 6400
ProgrammableButton 4
Polling Rate1000Hz
SensorSunplus IT 6651 Gaming sensor
Warranty1 Years
Durability20 Million Clicks
Weight96 gm

Cosmic Byte Hydra – Build and Design

This mouse comes under the budget of Rs 1000, so as expected the body of the Hydra is made from decent plastic materials. The surface of the mouse is coated with a special anti-slip and anti-sweat texture to provide additional grip. The design of this gaming mouse is so simple that it can also be used in colleges, offices, homes for normal works.

Cosmic byte hydra comes with RGB Light and the best part is lighting effects can be customized with the help of dedicated software. You can change the lightspeed, increase or decrease the brightness, or change the LED lighting mode.

The weight of this mouse is just 96g, so it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a nylon braided 1.5m long cable, which makes it strong and long-lasting.

Cosmic Byte Hydra – Performance

Sunplus IT 6651 gaming-grade optical sensors have been used on this gaming mouse which is one of the best at this price range. It has a maximum resolution of up to 6400 DPI and a polling rate of 1000Hz. The mouse has six DPI levels that can be set as per your requirement using the dedicated software. You can also set LED light brightness to indicate which DPI level you are on.

There are eight buttons on the mouse and four of them can be custom programmed to assign any particular functions and macros. The buttons on the mouse are Huano micro switches which have a life cycle of 10 million clicks.

The DPI and the LED button of the mouse are placed at the bottom, so you won’t be able to change those setting frequently, specially while playing games.

2. Redgear X13 Pro Wired Gaming Mouse

Redgear is a well-known company in India with a wide range of gaming products and Redgear X13 Pro is a great budget gaming mouse that you can buy for under Rs 1000. This mouse comes with a 3050 Avago gaming-grade sensor which is accurate with quick movements and high reflexes. This mouse comes with six programmable buttons and a max DPI of 4000, which is great at this price range.

Best Gaming Mouse

Specification’s of Redgear X13 Pro Wired Gaming Mouse

DPIUp to 4000
ProgrammableButtons 6
Polling Rate1000Hz
SensorGaming Grade Sensor(Avago Sensor)
Warranty1 Year
Wired Length1.8-meter braided cable
Durability15 Million Clicks
Weight225 gm

Redgear X13 Pro – Build and Design

Redgear is a gaming brand from Redwood Interactive which manufactures good quality gaming peripherals. The Redgear X13 Pro also has a great build quality made of good quality plastic.

The design of this gaming mouse is unique and a glossy finish has been provided on the top, while on the sides you’ll get rubberized textures for a better grip.

The Redgear X13 Pro gaming mouse features RGB lighting which is fully customizable using Redgear’s dedicated software. Strong and long-lasting 1.8m long nylon braided cable is provided here.

Redgear X13 Pro – Performance

The performance of the Redgear X13 Pro is top-notch considering its price. It has a maximum DPI level of 4000 and the level can be set using the Redgear software and afterward you can easily cycle between the set DPI using the dedicated DPI button on the mouse.

Redgear has used the 3050 Avago gaming-grade sensor on this mouse which offers you great reflex while playing a responsive game.

3. Offbeat RIPJAW (Wired)

Offbeat RIPJAW is the most value for money product in our Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse under Rs 1000 list as it cost the lowest among all. If you are looking for a High DPI Gaming mouse within budget then this will be the best for you. Although the polling rate is lower than the previous gaming mouses but still for the price you are spending, you will get sufficient performance.

Best Gaming Mouse

Specification’s of Offbeat Ripjaw Wired Gaming Mouse

DPIUp to 6400
Programmable Buttons7
Polling Rate500Hz
SensorOptical Sensor(No name available)
Warranty1 Year
Wired Length1.5-meter braided cable
Durability10 Million Clicks
Weight125 gm

Offbeat RIPJAW – Build and Design

Considering the price point, the build quality of Offbeat RIPJAW is really good. As expected plastic material is used here and the Silent Click feature makes it noiseless for others.

The design of this gaming mouse is unique as you can see in these pictures. You may not come across this type of premium design with other mouses at this price range.

With 7 programmable buttons, you can easily make any command automated and take advantage over normal mouse users.

The Offbeat RIPJAW gaming mouse features RGB lighting which is fully customizable using dedicated software. A decent 1.5m long nylon braided cable is provided here.

Offbeat RIPJAW – Performance

The performance of the Offbeat RIPJAW is surprising considering its price. It has a maximum DPI level of 6400 with 3 levels of setting.

USB cable with booster technology connection and 500Hz polling rate offer zero delays between your thoughts and actions.

4. Live Tech Professional GameOn Mouse

Live Tech is a fast-growing company that focuses on delivering customers the maximum value for the money they are spending. And the GameOn gaming mouse is the practical reflection of their motto. Up to 8000 DPI and Pixart 3325 Sensor makes it one of the best gaming mouse under Rs 1000.

Best Gaming Mouse

Specification’s of Live Tech GameOn Wired Gaming Mouse

DPIUp to 8000
Programmable Buttons6
Polling Rate1000Hz
SensorPixart 3325 Sensor
Warranty1 Year
Wired Length1.8-meter braided cable
Durability10 Million Clicks
Weight128 gm

Live Tech GameOn – Build Quality and Design

This gaming mouse is designed to provide comfort in your palms so that you can play your game for a long time without any problem. This mouse has a plastic body with a matte finish texture on top for better grip.

This mouse features stainless steel feet which are unique and pretty useful. It helps to avoid the bottom of the mouse from rubbing against a rough surface. One Teflon bottom mat also provided here to provide minimal resistance while moving the mouse.

The GameOn gaming mouse has customizable RGB lighting which gives it a unique look. It has a 1.8m braided cable with a gold plated USB for a better connection.

Live Tech GameOn – Performance

The GameOn mouse provides a top-notch performance with Pixart PMW3325 sensor which supports up to 8000 DPI, tracking speed of 100 IPS, and a polling rate of 1000Hz. This wonderful combination will provide you outstanding gaming experience.

The buttons are also tactile and responsive along with six buttons that can be programmed as per your requirement to perform specific functions and macros.

There are 6 levels of DPI that can go up to 8000 and all can be set using the Live-tech software. The DPI can be selected using the dual DPI buttons on the mouse while gaming or using the mouse.

5. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor

The final pick for our Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse under Rs 1000 list is the Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor, which is the perfect mouse for those who require a unique premium looks and design. In India, the Dragonwar has a partnership with Redgear so it comes with Redgear branding.

Best Gaming Mouse

Specification’s of Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Wired Gaming Mouse

DPIUp to 3200
Programmable Buttons8
Polling Rate1000Hz
SensorBlue sensor
Warranty1 Year
RGBNO – 7 colors only
Wired Length1.8-meter braided cable
Durability10 Million Clicks
Weight518 gm

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor – Build and Design

The first thing I want to mention is that this mouse is a heavyweight champion (518 Grams). If you do not like heavy mouses please skip this one. But many of the users actually prefer heavier mouses and in that case, it can be a good option.

The ELE-G9 THOR gaming mouse is built using good plastic material and rubber coating also provided here for better grip. You will get a good grip from all sides such as palm, claw, tip grip.

The ELE-G9 does not feature RGB LED lighting but you can choose from a set of seven different colors using dedicated software. A good quality rugged 1.8m braided cable with gold plated USB connector is provided here for durability.

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor -Performance

This budget gaming mouse offers a 3200 DPI maximum and has four levels of DPI to choose from. It also features a polling rate of 1000Hz. The DPI and Polling rate of the mouse can be set using the Dragonwar mouse software. Changing the DPI while gaming is quite simple with a dedicated DPI button.

According to Dragonwar, this mouse features a Blue sensor that uses Microsoft’s Track Technology for better tracking and accuracy.

This gaming mouse is equipped with 8 programmable buttons that offer tactile feedback and are smooth touch experience.


At the end of our post, this is the time to help you decide which one of these 5 mouses is best for you. In my opinion, our number four mouse Live Tech GameOn will provide the best performance among all with up to 8000 DPI and Pixart 3325 Sensor. But if you have a budget crunch then you can go also go for Offbeat RIPJAW, which is a great option and the most value-for-money product on our list. And If you want a multi-purpose mouse for your normal work as well as for gaming then the best option I can suggest is Cosmic Byte Hydra for its simple and lightweight design.

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