Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Best Microphone for Youtubers

YouTube is the most trending and widely used application.There are millions of users of this application. In this article, we will provide you the review of Blue Yeti USB Microphone, the best microphone for Youtubers.

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So if you are willing to start your YouTube channel ASAP that you will need a decent microphone for better results. If you make such videos where the audience cannot hear your voice correctly and I will lead your channel to failure. So what is the most important thing when you want to become youtuber ??You need a good microphone where the audience can easily hear your voice and understand your videos.

This is the essential thing for making your video likable and useful among your audience

 Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

This is  one of the well-known brands if I talk about microphones for YouTube, this is India’s one of the best microphones and used by thousands of users. 

Blue Yeti Microphone


Overview Blue Yeti USB Microphone


The Yeti Studio all-in-one professional vocal recording system gives you the tools to record with stunning quality and ease. Create like a pro using Yeti, the world’s most popular USB mic. Together with custom recording software from PreSonus and advanced studio vocal effects from iZotope. Using Yeti Studio means more productivity, more creativity, and more professional-level content.


Looking for the perfect vocal recording setup? You’ve found it. With custom templates for voice-overs, podcasts and music, Yeti Studio provides everything you need to hit the ground running with professional-quality recordings. Featuring automatic track setup and dialed-in sound processing for rich vocals and instruments, Yeti Studio makes it faster and easier than ever to record professional projects.


You don’t need to be a famous producer to create studio-quality recordings. Yeti Studio includes PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition recording software, which gives you professional tools and intuitive workflows to help you start recording fast—just hit record and go. And thanks to a 32-bit audio engine with superior sound quality, you can produce professional recordings with amazing speed and precision.


iZotope Nectar Elements makes it easier than ever to enhance your voice and create rich, studio-quality vocal tracks. Nectar Elements features easy-to-use controls and 10 sophisticated vocal processors designed to add body and depth, control volume levels, fix pitch problems and more.


There’s no recording situation that can scare away Yeti. Perfect for recording vocals, musical instruments, podcasts, voicecovers and more, Yeti is the world’s most popular USB microphone for professional recording.  With Yeti, you have the flexibility you need to take on any recording scenario.

Blue Yeti Usb Mic

Key Features :

  •     All-in-one professional recording system for vocals
  •     PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition multi-track recording software
  •     It offers you a good quality of sound and makes the sound of the video louder and clear.
  •    YouTuber mostly uses cardioids pattern, but it provides another pattern also that you can use according to your need.
  •   This product contains a mute button that you can whenever you want to mute the audio or    recording.
  •   It also has a headphone jack and a decent stand.
  •   This product also comes in a variety of colors that make it more amazing.

Warranty and Support: This device comes  with a 1-year warranty on the product.


Decent sound quality – for many amateur applications, it’s perfectly fine. It’s especially popular for podcasting and livestreaming.

Multiple pick-up patterns – it can record from front & back, and in all directions.

Simplicity – like most USB microphones, you can just plug in the USB cable and start recording


High Price for a beginner Youtuber

Size & Weight – the Blue Yeti is larger and heavier than it needs to be. If you want a mic to travel with, don’t get the Yeti.

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