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Best Study Table Lamp | Wipro Garnet Led Table Lamp Review

Searching for a good table lamp/ study lamp/ desk lamp for your room? Choosing the perfect study lamp isn’t easy. There is a common myth that you could damage your eyes while studying under dim light. Although it’s not true, studying under non-optimal light conditions can strain your vision. Today we are going to review Wipro Garnet Study table lamp which is considered to be the best available in the market.

Table lamps can also be called as task lights since they are used for highly focused activities like reading, writing, etc. The light from the table lamp/study lamps is highly focused. An excellent study table lamp/ desk lamp can save you from eye strain and headaches while reading/writing/working at nighttime. Here are a few factors that you must consider before buying a study lamp.

Study Tample Lamp

1. Types of LED Light:

There are 4 types of lights that are usually used in study lamps: LED, Fluorescent, halogen, and Incandescent. The modern study lamps use LED lights as they are energy efficient. They offer longer life span, and don’t heat up at all. You can even adjust the color temperature in LED lights.

2. Brightness Range:

The brightness of the light is measured in lumens. A lamp offering 50-75 lumens brightness provides a comfortable environment for reading. Hence, you can select a lamp in this range.

3. Color Temperature:

It is a measurement of visual warmth or coolness of the white light and is measured in kelvin (K). While 2200 – 2700K is termed as very warm white, 4000 – 5500K is considered as cool white. You should buy a study lamp with 4000K or more as it is more effective and causes less straining to the eyes.

Color rendering index, power source, and material are some additional factors that also play a major role in determining the quality of the study lamp. 

Wipro Garnet 6W LED Study Table lamp Review

Wipro Garnet Study Table Lamp

WIPRO has been serving the every day Indian for over 75 years now with a lot of memorable products. The Garnet table lamp by Wipro is luxurious and has the ability to change the colour of the light that comes off from it.

This means that with just a tap of a button, you can convert from the cool day light to neutral white or even to a warm white light. I.e, 3 dimming options for your comfort. With a CRI greater than 80, the lamp has the ability to display colours clearly and with no visual distortions.

Running with about 6 watts of power, the Garnet lamp is energy efficient. It has LED bulbs embedded into its beak and a stem that is incredibly flexible. The light from the bulb is glare free and soft light. It can provide upto 200 lumens of light. Enough to light up most of a wide desk.

Operated by a single touch based button, the lamp is incredibly light in weight and does not consume a lot of work space. Hence it is ideal for workplaces and people of bigger generation too. The only drawback to this model is the fact that it does not come with a battery portability option.

The Wipro Garnet 6 watts LED Table Lamp comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product or part related damage.

1. Build Quality

The goose neck feels like a high quality flexible toughened material, should last long if maintained with decent care. The base is stable enough, will keep it from falling on mild shakedowns, but not anything beyond that.


I had the Philips desk light  that had a semi-vertical downward motion, so basically all you can do is have it at flat 180 degrees to the ground -to- 90 degrees downward where it bends itself hugging the neck. But with this one you get access to flex it both up and down, so more angles and you can spread more light by tilting it upwards.

3. Touch Button

I was originally, slightly skeptical about having a touch button, but so far I’ve been proven wrong and more. First of all, it works – zero issues with feedback and sensitivity. Second – The implementation of touch button to switch light modes on short presses and controlling brightness on long presses feels ingenious, and works with no hiccups. And having a touch button means, during the night you can just place your palm approximately on the base, and you are going to switch the lamp on, very very useful.

4. Light modes

You get 3 light modes, in my own words they are 1-Bright white 2-Cold White 3-Warm (Mild Tinted) light. Coming to the switch cases for these modes, while working on my laptop, I usually opt for the Bright white and make it face the wall so the light spreads out across the whole room providing more ambience. The cold white – usually while consuming media or casual browsing sessions – subdued and non-distinctive lighting. The Warm one – usually before getting to bed, out of the three light modes, this one provides the least hindrance to sleep, but i switch it off right before shutdown.

5. Dimming

The biggest USP of the lamp , there are 3 dimming levels, but i find i can make it dim to any level between max and min, you just need to time your touch control accordingly. So this is how long presses for brightness control works – Initially when switched on – the lights are on maximum brightness – on first long press, the brightness goes from high to low – On the next long press low to high – Keeps toggling like this. Pretty easy to use.

If you are on the lookout for a desk lamp – this is an absolute no brainer.


  •     3 Dimming colour change options which go easy on eye
  •     Consumes less desk space
  •     Consumes only 6 watts of power
  •     CRI> 80; hence colour visibility is clear
  •     Touch based power button
  •     1 year manufacturer’s warranty


  •     Model is not battery based.


Is Wipro Garnet Led Study table Lamp the Best study Table Lamp??

With our Wipro Garnet Study Table Lamp review coming to an end, we feel that this is the best study table lamp available in the market online . The light modes and the warranty provided at this price range makes it one of the best study table lamp. If you like this post,then you can also  check our post on  Room heaters.

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