The Iron Man MK5 Helmet Review - is it worth to buy??

Everyone was upset on the demise of our beloved Iron Man in Avengers Endgame to save the world from Thanos. Well today  we have something for you that might cheer you up and give a real experience of what it feels like being The Iron Man. Today we are going to review the Iron Man MK5 Helmet for you and see if it is worth the wait.


iron man helmet

The reason for Iron man having more fans is because he's the guy who started it all. The first MCU  movie, the guy without which there would be no MCU. He's the godfather of Marvel Cinematic Universe.Tony Stark, wonderfully portrayed by Robert Downey Jr, who is a perfect example where character meets actor, is more relatable than the Captain. He has more grey sides, arrogant, selfish, rich playboy. We can relate ourselves to him because, these are qualities which we can find in ourselves.So without any further adieu, lets look into the features of the latest Iron Man MK5 Helmet.



  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Painting: Chromed Paint
  • Totally 35 pieces assembled. 6 servos installed, 2 boards, and 3 CPU work as the code’s demanded procedure.
  • Size: it fits up to 23.5 inches head circumference
  • Eye lights are changeable between white and red.
  • Product Owner: JOETOYS



Iron Man MK5 Mask

The Iron Man MK5 Helmet comes with miniature plates and motorized face plates . This project took over 12 months of designing and 4 month of redesigning the structure for both electrical assemblies and model Building. Thanks to JOETOYS, their wholehearted effort in this project paid off really well. This is the first Iron Man helmet which has JARVIS greetings incorporated in it. Also the metal sound in this helmet is really cool.There are two types of eye lights in this helmet:White and Red.

This mask can be controlled in 3 ways: Voice  control,remote control and touch sensor control which makes it unique.

Box Content 

Inside the box, you will find an instruction sheet. The helmet is packed in a colour box which is covered in a brown outer box.


The box does not come with batteries. You will need to buy 4 pieces of AA batteries separately for this.


The Iron Man MK5 Helmet is priced $300 (approx Rs. 21000) with free shipping. You need to deposit a fee of $150 as deposit fee and the rest $150 after the helmet is ready. The buyer is fully  responsible for Import duties ,taxes and charges as these are not included in the item price or shipping charges.



Joetoys is selling this item currently  and it is available only in the below link:

Pre-order: Iron Man MK5 Helmet With Advanced Motorized Face Plates

The Iron Man MK5 Helmet is still not available in popular e-commerce websites. Also, this mask requires fair amount of time for it's production and will depend entirely depend on the manufacturer of this product. It is unclear in the website if the helmet is available across all countries. You will need to check the official link of the website in order to get more details on these.


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Since this item is still not available in India, below are some related options which are available  and still in your grasp:

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This Iron man helmet comes with lights only and does not have remote control and  Jarvis greetings with it. However this product is assured by the retailer.

For those who can afford the wait and patience, and want a more real experience of what it feels to be the Real Iron man, I would recommend to go for the Iron Man MK5 Helmet.



After the review of Iron Man MK5 helmet, we can conclude that  this is the best  helmet available in the market as of today's date. No other mask boasts the features of Jarvis greetings or is  remote/voice controlled. The metallic sound further makes it the perfect  Iron man mask available to all. As we all know good things does take time,I would recommend it is worth the wait until it is available in your country.

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